Your One Call Solution

Why is D.L.Walker Construction your one call solution?  It’s simple….because D.L. Walker does it all, that’s why!  All you have to do is call one company for all your cam/maintenance related repairs.  These days the trades are so specialized….you have your tile guys, you have your painters, drywall hangers, framers and finishers, etc., etc.  The list goes on and on. Property managers have to keep records and insurance certificates on each vendor and keep them up to date as well.  It is not uncommon for a property manager to keep over 100 files of vendor information and insurance certificates.  With all the other responsibilities that the managers have, having to keep up with all of this, costs the company they work for time and money.

How does D.L. Walker’s “One Call Solution” save you time and money?  Because all you have to do is make one call and you can trust that the work will get done fast, get done right and at a fair price! Without a lot of hassle, either and with no up front cost you.  Having D.L. Walker on your team is like having your own Operations Manager with a checkbook!  Yes, that’s right….The customer never pays a deposit, never has to requisition a check, to get the work started…All you have to do is call! Dale sets up the work, gets the material, deals with all the hassle and time it takes to get the work completed in a timely fashion. Dale does all of the supervision, and pays everybody as the work process is going on. It’s simple, it’s easy…all you have to do is call! When the work gets done, an invoice is sent and all the customer has to do is pay the invoice within 30 days. It doesn’t get any easier or better than this. D.L. Walker makes the manager’s job easier. The service he provides gives the property manager more time for their other duties which in turn makes the company they work for more money.  This is a win, win, win situation for everyone. If you are currently using D.L. Walker for your entire CAM repairs…then Dale thanks you very much! If you haven’t tried his service and would like to try it, then give Dale a call and try his “One Call Solution Service”…you won’t regret it!