Drywall-hanging, framing and finishing

        Spray, texture and coatings
(popcorn ceilings and knock-down finishes)

D.L. WalkerD.L. WalkerD.L. Walker


         Specialty painting-fire risers, curbing,
parking lots, bollard, anything

         Asphalt/potholes-patches, cut,
square and compacted

         Rough Carpentry-all types

         Finish Carpentry- all types

         Doors- all types

       Hardware- all types

        Plaster/stucco walls, ceilings, repair

E.F.I.S- repairs to walls, columns,
soffits and sign bands

         Patching of almost anything

         Patching an painting sign bands
(when businesses move out)

         Acoustic ceiling grid- 2’x2’, 2’x4’
and soffits and repairs

         Vanilla box work

         Interior renovations

         Tile work- any kind

         Pavers- new and repair

D.L. WalkerD.L. WalkerD.L. Walker

Brick work- floors, walls and columns

    Caulking- control joints, walls, floors and more

Chain link fence- new, gates and repairs

         Garbage enclosure gates and repairs

D.L. WalkerD.L. WalkerD.L. Walker

Pylon and Marquee sign repairs

         Welding repairs

         Pressure cleaning- under canopy,
sidewalks, building walls, roofs

        Specialty pressure cleaning- canvas awnings,
mechanical rooms, curbing
Property clean up- any kind, inside or outside

         Bollard installation- all sizes, all types

         Replace/re-pin parking stops/bumpers

         Parking lot signs- all types, sizes, colors

 Pylon and marquee sign repairs

       Signpost straightening/replacement

         Vinyl address numbers

Parking bumper stencil w/names, numbers for identification

         Leasing sign installation

         Concrete curb repairs-problem areas our specialty

         Hurricane shutters- new and repairs

D.L. WalkerD.L. WalkerD.L. Walker

Loading dock repairs- install bumpers

         Gutters and downspouts- new and repairs

        Concrete work- new and repairs

         Parking lot painting- fire lanes,
stop bars, directional arrows

         Concrete curb repairs- problem areas our specialty