History of D.L. Walker

Dale Walker started in construction in 1972 at age 17. His first job was as an iron worker placing reinforcing steel for concrete construction. He did this for five years until the age of 23. His next construction job was as a carpenter, forming for concrete walls and beams, building roofs and framing houses. He worked for Jennings Construction and Lazarus Construction building custom homes as a lead man, Forman and then superintendent and finally as a Project Manager. In 1980 he began working as an Interior Specialist doing drywall hanging and finishing, doors and hardware, acoustical ceilings and painting. During this time Dale studied for the state exam and passed in the spring of 1982. In 1985 he started D.L. Walker Construction and has remained an active contractor with an ongoing business since 1985. Dales has built over 50 mall store interior build outs and hundreds of office, retail and warehouse interior build outs during this time. Dale worked with his own hands (did the work himself) with a small crew until 1997 when he took his tool belt off and began managing and supervising over others doing the work. The 12 years between 1997 and 2009 were the formulative years for what D.L. Walker Construction is today…A quality maintenance related repair business that perform almost every type of job you can imagine. How this came about was slow and over a long period of time. While working on interior build outs, the managers for these properties would ask Dale to do small repair work. Such as painting, potholes, park stops, parking lot signs and anything you can think of that needed to get done. If you know Dale, then you know that the word “no” is not in his vocabulary. He would do these small jobs and managers would call him back time after time. Well, as time went on, the word spread. The managers would recommend him to others and after a while Dale realized his “niche”. Why do just one thing when you can do everything and always have work to do. By doing everything that the managers needed, he became valuable to them because all they would have to do is call Dale and he would solve their problem every time! Dale learned early on that service, doing whatever people needed, doing it quickly and at a fair price, without a lot of problems, they would call him whenever they needed anything done large or small. He realized the importance of service, that taking care of the people was more important than the places where he worked. That is what D.L. walker Construction is today. Taking care of people in the Property Management business!